About Radiant Heating

My heating panels are based on the principle of solar radiation. Just as the sun infrared rays heat the Earth. Surface infrared heating systems emit rays that are safely and gently absorbed in your home. Infrared heat is also friendly to the environment because it produces less carbon combustion, especially when electricity is produces through the emission gas generation.

Heath Benefits

Infrared heat is absorbed into the muscle tissue and it is a healthy economical way to heat your home. Infrared heat can improve joint and muscle flexibility and reduce swelling, while promoting proper circulation.

In addition to the grate benefits to the body, infrared radiant heating panels will offer a safe and comfortable environment for asthma and allergy sufferers, as the panel does not circulated air making dust a non existent issue.   

Radiant Heat dries out and kills mold, mildew, bacteria and dust mites that thrive in damp areas such as ductwork, bathrooms where moisture and humidity are present.


For more information about the mold mildew study (Click here)