The Infranomic® principle 
Infrared heat is generally felt by humans as more pleasant than warm air heat. An example of this would be what you feel when you go outside and the sun is warming your body. Conventional heating systems (i.e. central heating) transfer the heat using the convection cycle, warming up the air that will and circulate around the room. Infranomic® heating elements emit far infrared energy, directly heating both you and all the objects and walls within the room. Thus a particularly pleasant feeling of heat develops. At the same time providing a health-promoting component. Infrared warmth is widely used for medical purposes and is applied for rheumatism or back pain with large success.
Up-to-date heating - Simple and practical
Heating with Infranomic® is simple and clean. No need for the installation of a gas boiler, oil tank, pipes, etc. You only need the one thing every house already has - electricity. Unlike other heating systems, Infranomic® has no annual maintenance or servicing costs as they are completely wear-free and have an almost unlimited lifespan.
The future today the next generation of heating Is an innovative, user/friendly heating system with a ceramic/Glass surface. 

The heating of the solid and liquids by infrared radiation. Everything that has a mass will store energy. For example, walls serve as storage for heat. It has a positive effect on your health. In addition also economic advantages. Convection (thermodynamics) The basic principle of convection is the warming of the air. Radiators or heat pumps warm the air. The heat rises to the ceiling. After the air cools, it sinks back down and must be reheated. That creates a constant recirculation of the air and unnecessary cost.

The temperature zones are at its highest under the ceiling and the floor the lowest which will cause you to have cold feet. Energy radiation (quantum mechanics) The basic principle of infrared radiation is in the heating of solids. The infrared heater heated based on the principle of solar radiation. The body is heated.

These include, for example, walls, furniture but also people. The ambient air is not substantially heated. The infrared heat temperature is about 3 ‒ 4 °C above the ambient temperature reading. Researching the heating element is the product of years of research. 

Through our special heating element, in the ceramic oscillation, that generates the rays. Technic of the ceramic/Glass a special heating element is applied. This guarantees uniform temperatures and extremely high efficiency for heating. Quick Start Within just 15 minutes, the small heater will arrive at its operating temperature and maximum heat is produced immediately.

The larger heater will take around 20 minutes to reach operating temperature. Heat Recovery the chamber system prevents thermal losses on the back of the heater, therefore the high efficiency is again doubled. Inconceivably thin thanks to innovative technology, the new heating system.

Maintenance-free unlike burner, boilers, and chimneys, it's not necessary for the heater to be serviced. In addition, it has a virtually unlimited service life. Easy installation the individual and flexible design save money and nerves. Only a 120 V power outlet is required to operate the heater. Cost effective Up to 70% of the initial purchasing cost and heating costs fall away in Radiant Heating Ecologically.

All materials in the heater are 100% recyclable. In conjunction with green power. Radiant heating is the world ‘s cleanest heating system. Radiant heat promotes blood circulation and helps purify and detoxify the body. It also ensures a healthy indoor climate, prevents drying of the air and eliminates mold. Sizes and Colors Panels are available in two sizes.

The 2' by 2' module with 400 watts, the other 2' by 4' 0r 2' by 5' module with 620-750 watt, and the heater is available in a Marble or Granite front, Glass any Painting/Image. The image can be incorporated with the Glass Heating Element.

Advantages from Radiant Heat Panels to eliminate Mold
Drying with Radiant Heath dos not require the circulation of the Air, therefore no contamination of the Air with small unseen Partials such as Bacteria from the inside of the Walls, during Drying out Process of Basements and or Crawlspaces and any other wet applications, Specialty after the Walls, Floor, Ceilings are open.

  • Less equipment and Energy
  • For eliminating of Water, Mold, Mildew, no demolition of Walls, Floors, Celling necessary
  • No need for the removal of furniture
  • In most cases you can occupy the Rooms during the application
  • Less Energy consumption
  • Less cost no Repairs to Walls, Flooring, Ceilings
  • No chance for Mold Particle during drying get circulated in the Air
  • Radiant Heat will eliminate the chance for mold on the outside of the Walls (inside of the Room) during drying no Air circulation
  • No Noise during drying (therefor you can occupy the Rooms in most instances)

In comparison to other Techniques a much more efficient, healthier, quicker process to eliminate Water, Mold and Mildew
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