InfraNOMIC is an innovative, user-friendly heating system with a ceramic/glass surface. Unlike conventional heating where air is circulated and heated, the heating element will heat solids and liquids by infrared radiation. 

Everything that has a mass will store energy. For example, walls serve as storage for heat, so when the heating element is turned on it will transfer its energy to everything that has a mass. The floor, walls, chairs, tables, even your blanket will absorb that energy and get warmer.

We have thought of everything to make your everyday life more comfortable, we are committed to delivering the best experience with the most innovative product in the market. InfraNOMIC not only brings positive effects to our customer's health it also provides our customers with high economic advantages. 

Our product is designed to save money and nerves. Only a 120 V power outlet is required to operate the heater and no maintenance is required. 

All materials in the heater are 100% recyclable. In conjunction with green power. Radiant heating is the world ‘s cleanest heating system. Radiant heat promotes blood circulation and helps purify and detoxify the body.